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Simple words about a simple man

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I took a break from cleaning my apartment long enough to let this out of my head and onto paper. It's not wonderful but it was there needing to be laid down.

Lost Hero

Lost hero from memories gone by
I still see your face and hear your voice
You were the start of of a new beginning
But now you are the start of an everlasting dream of what could have been
I see you standing there an icon burning a hole in the screen
but your eyes are an innocent rage of mis~understanding
I have listened to the things you wanted to say to those who went before me
Young boy living the adults dream,
taking everything too fast ~ too soon.
A chi mi dice,
we do understand what you were,
we dream of what you could have been...
I think of all that I have seen that was lost as your eyes closed for the last time.
For many you are an icon... an eternal legend
to me you are a man gone from the world too soon.

Becky Curtis-Monro
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